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The first and most vital aspect of fabric production is the selection of quality Yarn. At ICC Textiles, a great emphasis is placed on yarn procurement. Pakistan today, enjoys a reputation of supplier of high quality yarn to the world market. Numerous modern mills equipped with mostly state of the art European and Japanese Spinning machinery are producing International standard yarn. We further restrict our yarn procurement from a select few mills which are professionally managed and are consistent in providing the desired level of quality.

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Each new yarn lot is required to undergo a rigourous series of Uster tests to ensure efficient weaveability and high fabric quality.
The various yarns used by us are as follows:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Polyester Cotton of various blends ( 50/50,  65/35, 45/55,  etc.... )
  • 100% Texturized filament yarn
  • Cotton Lycra & other stretch brands
  • Cotton / Linen
  • Cotton / Viscose

Combed and Doubled yarns are used as per requirement.  Moreover, extra long staple and long staple yarns produced from imported CIS, Australian, Egyptian or American cotton are used to achieve specific fabric and customer needs.


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